Isabelle Renard-Fontaine, Pediatric Physical Therapist

Laneffe - chiots - July 2012 - 106 terWhen I think of Bridge to Healing

Its gift and generosity,
It brings an amazing feeling
To find such solidarity!
The Foundation will provide for
Special children and families,
Support groups, therapies and more
To build stronger communities…
And certainly exceptional,
As part of BTH’s mission,
You can as a professional
Find the gift of education.
In my own experience,
Without BTH’s resources,
I would not have had the chance
To attend outstanding courses.
I believe this is a strong way
To create better therapists.
I now hope to become one day
An MNRI specialist!
Thank you Tricia and your whole team
For your work and dedication.
People like you make others dream,
And draws in deep inspiration!  
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