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Web-530x530Therapy for Taisei

Taisei (pronounced “Ty-Say”) is a friendly seven year old boy with a great smile.   His name means “sunshine” and as his name suggests he brings joy to his family and friends!

When Taisei was 10 months old, he fell off of a booster chair, hit his head and immediately passed out.  He was rushed to a near-by Children’s Hospital where he was diagnosed as having intracranial hemorrhage and went through a surgery.  Doctors were not able to assure his parents that he would be able to survive.  After the surgery, he was in a state of coma for 10 days where he fought for his life in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.  Taisei survived but unfortunately he had lost control of his body.  He was not able to hold his head up, speak any words, eat from his mouth or move his body.  His life has been changed without a notice before his first birthday.

hatsuo 400Since his accident, Taisei has lived an uphill battle to gain back what he had lost.  Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, feeding therapy and other therapies became part of his daily routine.  Taisei works hard every single day just so that he can do things that come naturally to other kids.  Today, Taisei is able to say a few words, eat some food from his mouth, and even walk a little with his walker.  For him, these are monumental progress and his family is very proud of how far he has come.  He still has a long way to go but he has a great personality and his ‘can-do’ attitude inspires everyone around him.For Taisei, restoring his primitive reflexes plays a critical role in his progress.   Primitive reflex provides a foundation for more complex motor reflexes such as sitting up, walking and saying “mom”.  Reflexes have also been shown to work together to improve the whole, so if Taisei could be trained to stop ‘posturing’ (where he has a tendency to arch back his head), then it could very well aid him with his swallowing, another area he is currently weak in.

There is a camp run by Dr. Masgutova  next year which provides the intensive reflex integration therapies that Taisei desperately needs.  Unfortunately, the camp will not be cheap (total cost will be around $8,000 each time) and will not be covered by insurance.  As such, Taisei’s parents are looking to raise funds through Bridge to Healing so their child can participate in the camp and work towards reaching his full potential someday.

Please donate to Taisei through Bridge to Healing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When donating, please remember to write in Taisei’s name in the RECIPIENT line of PayPal!

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