2015-april picMighty Mei

Mei was adopted from China at the age of three along with her older sister, Rebekah.  Her Mom, Heidi, has had a rocky start with little Mei. After bringing her home, Mei’s mom has been faced with daily challenges.  Mei has been diagnosed with epilepsy, development delay, and is deaf.

While trying to teach language and sign language, Mei developed contractures in her hands making sign language difficult and communication almost impossible.  Her epilepsy caused serious seizures depriving little Mei of the sleep she desperately needed.

In January 2013, Mei underwent surgery to place a Vagus Nerve Stimulator (think of it as a pacemaker for the brain). Immediately, there was an improvement seen in her sleep and concentration.  At age 10, for the first time, she is able to attend a full-day school and is enrolled in a life skills program.

Currently, Mei is thriving. While developmentally she is still at the level of a toddler, finally her language is developing and she is showing signs of developmental growth not seen before. Her sign language, while still difficult because of her hands, is beginning, and she is becoming ever more interactive and curious.mei-adoption

Heidi and Mei’s doctors are encouraged by the signs of progress through intensive therapies.  They need to bridge the gap with hand therapy, social integration therapy and visual integration therapy.

Mei is sweet, loving, and, above all, determined. She is a survivor that is, in a word, unstoppable. But in order to reach the potential she has inside of her, she needs your help.

Please donate to Mighty Mei through Bridge To Healing.

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