Holly’s Hope

Holly’s Hope

Holly has come an incredibly long way, but the journey hasn’t been easy.  Her mom, Tricia, never stopped believing, hoping and loving her little girl.  Read about Holly’s journey and the inspiration leading Tricia to create Bridge to Healing.

Tricia always wanted to be a mom.  It was in her blood, and when Holly was born, she was the happiest mom on earth.  Shortly, after the birth, Tricia was delivered frightening news:  Holly had an underdeveloped Corpus Colosseum, which meant she would have a lifetime of severe development delays.

Holly went through test after test while her mom hoped and prayed for the best.  Tricia continued to raise her, play with her and find the right therapies to help Holly with her delays.  She functioned well but had a “comfort zone” which was limiting.  In her heart, Tricia knew something was missing.

At age 13, Tricia took Holly for an eye test which led to further testing.  That test led to further testing.  One doctor said Holly had the signs of Neuro-Development Delay.  Tricia had no idea what that was but after some research, she was astounded that this diagnosis described Holly perfectly.

Holly and Tricia hopped a plane for California and jumped into their first intensive Masgutova Family Conference.  It was January of 2010, Holly’s 13th birthday.  To this day, Tricia considers this the best birthday present she ever gave her daughter.Holly dolphin02

A light went off.  Things clicked with Holly.

Holly came out of her shell, her eye contact improved, she made conversations and jumped three feet for the first time at this California conference.  Therapists taught Tricia and Holly how to work together in the integration of reflexes.  What appeared to be a daily intense massage turned into a miraculously therapy to improve Holly’s delays.  Today, Holly is a happy teenager, with a life full of promise.  Next to her is her biggest fan, supporter and therapist: her amazing mom.

Because of Holly’s incredible success, Tricia wanted to help other families learn about Dr. Masgutova’s Neuro Reflex Integration therapies.  Also, she wanted to make all therapies possible for the families of special needs children.  Therefore, she created the Bridge to Healing Foundation which helps dozens of families through fundraising.

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March 8, 2014