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Chloe is a 13-year-old girl diagnosed with autism, ADHD and apraxia.  Chloe has countless challenges ranging from lack of speech, social skills, behavior and life skills, but her family continues working with her to help her live life to the fullest.  Bridge To Healing continues to assist with therapies to help Chloe find her voice.

Chloe is a beautiful little girl, with big blue eyes and a smile that will melt your heart.  However, her diagnosis of autism at age 21 months old, has taken her life in a different direction.  She has two typical sisters and her family copes with the many challenges including behavior, speech, and daily functions including toileting, getting dressed, bathing and eating. Basically, Chloe is a two year old girl trapped in a nine year old body.

Little Chloe is nonverbal, but has learned to use pictures and an iPad to communicate and reduce her frustrations.  She is quick on her feePortfolio-chloet and will run off in literally seconds, forcing her to wear a LoJack on her ankle daily.

Behaviorist and Chloe’s family continue to work with her daily to teach her important life skills.  Chloe has found things she loves like swimming daily, navigating iTunes and riding wild roller coasters!

Thanks to Bridge to Healing, Chloe is able to attend summer day camps and now sleep away camps to increase her independence at special needs facilities, along with private school and behavior therapies.  Without Bridge to Healing, Chloe wouldn’t have made the progress she has.

While Chloe’s progress has been slow, her mom has hope.

Hope, Faith and Love.

Donate to Bridge to Healing.  Please write in Chloe Anderson’s name to donate to her fund.


Run for Autism

For years, Chloe’s parents paid out of pocket for all therapies including behavior, speech, occupational and sensory.  Thanks to fundraisers and donors, Chloe has been able to attend camps, MNRI, craniosacral, speech and behavior therapies, and receive biomedical treatment.  Since Chloe’s insurance does not cover any therapies for this nonverbal child, Chloe can now get the help she needs through scholarships.  Donate to Bridge To Healing and help individuals like Chloe live to their fullest potential.

When donating, please remember to write in Chloe’s name in the RECIPIENT line of PayPal!

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Chloe’s mom, Cindy Smith, Starfish Media Creator, designed the Bridge to Healing website hoping to help other parents with special needs children.  She works from home creating websites and web videos while Chloe is in school, because a typical office job and raising three girls (one with complex special needs) just doesn’t work.  If interested in a website or web video, contact Cindy on her website at Cindy@StarfishMediaProductions.com

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