Bridge to Healing Foundation Gives Hope

“In my opinion, the greatest gift to receive is knowledge and the Bridge to Healing foundation is the only foundation I have ever known of that not only helps families with children with special needs but also helps the therapists who are treating those children.”

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“I am so grateful to BTH for providing support to attend continuing education courses that I wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise.  My interest in specialized treatment techniques continues to grow as I expand my OT ‘toolbox’ and witness the positive changes and successes my clients have made with these techniques.  Thank you BTH for giving me this opportunity.”

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Poem by Isabelle Renard-Fontaine, Pediatric Physical Therapist

When I think of Bridge to Healing 
Its gift and generosity,
It brings an amazing feeling
To find such solidarity!
Read Poem Isabelle Renard-Fontaine/Pediatric Physical Therapist

“This grant allowed our 13 year old ADHD child to attend the Peers Program with Donna Wexler from Just Communicate.  This program was a perfect fit for our son.”

Read More Regina Appleby/Mother of 13-year-old son with ADHD

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